Smart Life Skills

Proposed Framework for Smart Life Skills

Divided into 4 areas : See, Say, Do, Get (Can be customized as a half day, full day or long term program)


  • Discover & Explore
  • Power of visualization
  • Creating awareness
  • Renewal of mind
Developing Personal Mastery Competency covered:
  • HERO : Tap into the subconscious power of your mind and Positive Mental Attitude (3 hours)
  • My FLAG : Goal Setting, Life Plan, Self Esteem, Identity, Branding, Power of Dreams (3 Hours)
Learning Outcome:
  • Expand imagination and enhance observation
  • To apply the tools and methods for the subconscious mind & the power of positive mindset & thinking


  • Connect & Share
  • Power of positive words, articulation and presentation
Developing Self-Empowerment Competency covered:
  • NO WORRIES: Anger Management, Emotional Stability (3 hours)
  • Potential : Power of presentation skills (3 hours)
  • EQ : Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal & Intrapersonal skills (3 hours)
Learning Outcome:
  • Able to use power of positive words to connect and then share about their dream envisioning “What could be”
  • Develop power to connect with people


  • Relate & Live
  • Power of discipline
  • Activity and Energy
  • Having a system in place
Developing Personal Productivity Competency covered:
  • Teamwork : Teamwork makes the Dreamwork (3 hours)
  • Happy Feet : Managing stress and Balanced life (3 hours)
  • Habits : Empowering & inspiring habits (3 hours)
Learning Outcome:
  • Relate to skills learnt and live it
  • With discipline and determination to live the right habits that will lead to the desired results
  • Identify the challenges to maximizing personal productivity
  • Understand the components of having a total system in place
  • Achieve small wins and eventually achieve the results


  • Refine & Reflect
  • Power of feelings
  • Alignment & belief system
Developing Personal Fulfillment
  • FLY : Feeling & power of Freedom (3 hours)
  • Adversity Quotient : Turning obstacles into opportunities (3 hours)
  • Gratitude : Attract the abundance and happiness that we all desire (3 hours)
Learning Outcome:
  • Master the behaviours and characteristics that differentiate extraordinary people to others
  • To understand and permanently improve our own ambition and motivation